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  • It refers to a piece of furniture with shelves that you keep books on. It usually has several shelves enclosed by fully or partially glazed or latticed doors. They may be composed of a single high, low or three-quarter height bod; or two bodies, the lower one closed with doors. Sometimes they have a half-height folding tablet on which books can be consulted while standing. In their origins, they were built vertically on top of cupboards and credences, with two or four doors, of which only the lower ones were blind; often, the upper ones were reduced to a frame with a grille that allowed a view of the interior, which was soon replaced by glass. In the 1920s and 1930s, the bookcase was detached from the wall and became an open structure, without doors (in some cases reduced to small areas to contain a bar), consisting only of shelves and supports. Today there are many types of bookcases.

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