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  • A dark red-brown wood used to make furniture. The most prized wood was mahogany from the Caribbean -Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo-, deep red in colour, suitable for solid wood and veneers. It was first imported for construction: at the end of the 16th century it appears in the works of the Alcázar of Madrid, from where wood was taken to make a boudoir buffet for Philip II; it also appears in a bookcase built in 1592. It became fashionable in England after 1720, when taxes on the importation of wood from the colonies were eliminated, known as "Jamaica wood" or "Spanish mahogany". In Spain it was still used in the 18th century for solid wood. In France, those made of mahogany in the Atlantic ports where this species was landed are known as "meubles de port".

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  • Mahogany wood

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  • catalán

  • Fusta de caoba
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  • Madera de caoba


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